Generation 2017/2018

Katerina Krstevska

Education: Doctoral Degree in Criminal Law and Criminology at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus I” at UKIM

Associate Professor in criminal law


Aleksandar Ralev

Education: Master in International Management at UKIM

Financial controller


Kristijan Trajkovski

Education: Graduated political scientist at UKIM

Volunteer at CRPM


Afrodita Musliu 

Education: Master in Agricultural, Economic and Resource Management

President of the Nexus Civil Concept


Sara Mustafa

Education: Bachelor in Business and Administration at SEEU

National coordinator for small grants at MCIC


Vasil Stamboliski

Education: Doctor of Technical Sciences – Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UKIM

Sales Manager


Mersiha Smailovic

Education: Graduated Lawyer at UKIM

Secretary General of LEGIS


Sashka Mamutchevska

Education: Doctor of Law (Business Law) at UKIM

Advisor for Special Issues in a Bank


Olga Vasilevska

Education: Graduated Lawyer at UKIM



Kostadin Tasevski

Former Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Australia



Slavica Kuzmanovska

Education: Graduated translator in English and German at the Faculty of Philology at UKIM

Secretariat for European Affairs


Dora Jurukova

Education: Master in Political Science (European and International Politics and Diplomacy) at FON

State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia



Argetim Saliu

Education: Master in Comparative Public Administration – Faculty of Public Administration at SEEU

Professor of Public Law


Sofija Graovac

Education: Graduated economist

Agency for the realization of the rights of communities


Marija Fileva

Education: Master in Business Law at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus I” at UKIM


 Jane Chento

Works at Public Revenue Service

Education: M.A. in Economics, American University College, Skopje


Vesna Dimitrova

Education : PhD candidate, MBA Management Faculty of Economics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje

Proffesion: Lawyer

Mario Cvetkovski

Education: Graduated from the Law Faculty at UKIM