Generation 2015/2016

Vladimir Mijanovikj

Education: Political Scientist

Journalist in Foreign Affairs in the daily newspaper “ Nova Makedonija”, coordinator in “Ruska Rec” in “Nova Makedonija”

Artan Sulejmani

Education: Economist, Financial Management

Trainee in Sparkasse Bank in Macedonia- payment system – foreign exchange

Orhan Murtezani

Education: MA Management and Organization, Marmara University, Istanbul

Manager at the Center for Democracy and Development

Anabela Naskovska- Petreski

Education: Bachelor of International Private Law

Associate in the National Agency for European Education Programs and Mobility

Aleksandar Chaminski

Education: MA International Trade

Ministry Office for Foreign Investment, Government of Republic of Macedonia

Marija Jankulovska

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA International Law and International Relations


Maja Staleska

Education:  Graduated Social Worker,

Project Coordinator in Freja Forum, in Macedonia


Ice Ilijevski

Education: Ph.D. Security Sciences

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Security, Skopje


Nenad Krstevski

Education: MA Management of Innovation and Busıness Development at Copenhagen Business School

Associate at „KU.COM“ Ltd

Natasha Vidova

Education: bachelor of Law, MA European Institutions and Policy

Private sector


Elena Dimovska

Education: Criminologist; MA Criminology,

Associate at the Faculty of Security, Skopje


Marija Filipovska

Education: MA Law Sciences

Attorney trainee in Attorney Office “Dimitrovski”, Bitola


Dana Petreska

Education: MA Law Intellectual Property

Secretariat for European Affairs, Government of RM, Advisor for Evaluation and Monitoring of EU Fund and other foreign trust

Katerina Bajdevska

Education: MA European Studies for Integration and Communication

Councilor in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia  


Deniz Selmani

Education: MA Political Sciences

Researcher in Romalitico


Darko Kostovski

Education: Bachelor of Law



Hristina Odzaklieska

Education: Ph.D. Geographical Sciences in the area of Environmental Protection

Spatial planner  in the area of environmental prtotection and natural heritage

Julijana Cekovska

Education: Political Scientist MA International Political Relations

Unemployed/President of the Local Organization NSDP Prilep


Marija Andreeva

Education: Political Scientist, Faculty of Law

MA Political Management, Faculty of Law


Nikola Ilevski

Education: MA Law – International Law

Trainee at Primary Court– Bitola, Local coordinator for European students for freedom

Aleksandra Iloska

Education:  Economist in International Business and Management- Fontys University of Applied Science, Holland.

Researcher/ analyst- Association for Research, Communication and Development “Public”

Kristina Misheva

Education: Bachelor of Law

Ph.D. at the Faculty of Law, “Iustinius Primus”

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law  at the University “Goce Delcev”- Stip

Zarko Cvetkovski

Education: Economist- Banking Management, European University- Republic of Macedonia (ЕURМ) – Skopje

Financial assistant in the Center for Research and Policy Making, Skopje

Sara Al-Bandar

Education: Political Scientist at the Faculty of Law “ Iustinius Primus”, member of the Institute for Civil Development and Political Analysis’ ResPublika” under Faculty of Law.

MA International Relations and Diplomacy with Business (ACBSP Accredited)  at University “American College” – Skopjе


Comments by Participants 

The concept of the School for Public Policy Mother Theresa has unique character. Being part of it is unique experience which provides tendency and opens front of new professional horizons and social interactions by removing political, gender and religious barriers. The selections of the lecturers for the weekly and weekend’s sessions that were imminent, professional, as well as the way of organizing the working groups are accredited to the organizers of the school. It was real pleasure to be part of the School for Public Policy Mother Theresa, Skopje.

Ph.D. Kristina Miseva

The School for Public Policy Mother Theresa is a place where I succeeded to suit my need for beautiful and useful. It is a school where young people have an opportunity to develop their values, skills and competences. What did I learn? I acknowledged that the future always starts today. I managed to strengthen and upgrade my own attitude so that I can be in a position to build new respect. I set my limit of judgment towards which we come with emotion and critical reasoning judgment, concusion. The great team of lecturers and the opportunity to debate and panel discussion have provided an upgrade of my knowledge. The value of the great colleagues and friends is priceless which I consider to be eternal. People say:”There is no royal way of learning”, but here it was too easy. It presents an honor, pleasure and marvelous experience to be part of this school.

Katerina Bajdevska