Generation 2011/2012

Ass. Ph.D. Goran Ilik

Education: Ph. D.  Political ScienceProfessor in EU Law and Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law at the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola



Education: Ph.D. at the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Assistant at the Faculty of Political Science at FON University;

Advisor of the Members of the Parliament from PEI

Personal assistant of the President of the Management Board of FON University-Mr. FijatCanoski.

Ardian Ramadani

Education: MA Diplomacy and Political Science

French language professor, translator, political analyst and columnist.


Josipa Rizankoska

Education: Ph.D.  European and Comparative Politics – University in Siena, Italia

Project developer and researcher in the Institute for Democracy “SocietasCivilis”- Skopje (IDSCS).

Marijana Todorovska

Education: MA  Economical Science

Head of the financial issues department- Secretariat  for Legislation in the Government of RM.

Martina Smilevska

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA  International Relations- conflict management

President of Macedonian Young Lawyers Association.

Miki Milkoski

Education: MA  International Law and Relations

Councilor in the Municipality of Rankovce


Driton Kuci

Education: MA Law Science

Assistant at the Faculty of Law at the State University of Tetovo (SUT);

Coordinator of dispersed faculties of SUT in Skopje

Dragan Ristevski

Education: Journalist

Member of the Municipality Council in Bitola


Elida Zulbeari


Journalist in the newspaper “Zurnal”


Milan Stefanovski

Education: MA Applied Politics

Employed in the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Macedonia


Vesna Poposka

Education: MA International Law and Relations, Ph.D.  International Relations and Security

General secretary of the International VIZION University

Jeton Krasnikji

Education:Philologist of French language and Literature

Analyst in the Center for Research and Policy Making


Arta Bojku

Education:MA  International Public Law

Civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate for EU Affairs


Sevda Deari

Education: Electronic engineer

Employed in the National Bank of Republic of Macedonia


Ivana Dimitrovska(Petrovska)

Education:MA  European Studies

Project coordinator in ALDA

Dragan Tevdovski

Education: Ph.D. Economy

Professor at the Faculty of Economy -Skopje



Mitko Slaninkovski

Education: MA  Political Science

Trainee in the Prime Minister’s Office of Republic of Macedonia


Katerina Neshkova

Education: Bachelor of Law

Journalist in the daily newspaper ‘Nova Makedonija”

Ivana Kostovska

Education: MA  European Studies

Journalist in the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

Neshat Azemovski

Education: Bachelor in Mathematics and Science

Program coordinator in Biosphere- Bitola


Vasil Petrusevski

Education: Electronic engineer

Manager in the Foundation for economic development- Horizon


Nora Malikji

Education:MA  Political ScienceAssistant at the International University- Struga

Comments by Participants 

Being part of the School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” was an   incredible and enriching professional and personal experience for me. It gave   me unique chance to meet young leaders with diverse educational and   professional background, offering at the same time excellent forum for   networking and exchange of experiences and ideas. The participation on the   variety of seminars and number of one day events, through which economic, social   and political challenges which affect the Macedonian society were openly   discussed, was crowned with the opportunity to participate on the Strasbourg   World Forum for Democracy organized by the Council of Europe. Thank you CRPM   for giving me this irreplaceable opportunity to challenge my perception,   knowledge and reality, and above all to meet all these amazing people.       

Martina Smilevska, МА

The participation of   the School of Public Policy is a truly unique experience for me in many ways.    As an academic experience, it treats   an extremely wide spectrum of areas. Professionally, it provides an   opportunity to build a strong national and international network. Socially   and humanly, itrepresents a forum for   opposing views of exceptional individuals that upgrade each other. I would especially   emphasize the participation of the World Forum for Democracy, as a unique   experience and a truly unique concept for society’s return to a true
participatory democracy and the redefinition of the concept of citizenship.

VesnaPoposka, MA

I am honored   and satisfied to have participated in the public sessions organized by the   school of public policy “Mother Theresa” and CPRM. During these sessions we   attained a lot of new knowledge and experiences; we met new friends, and we   also showed an example that the young people of our country can cooperate and   co-exist very well. Above all we learned to respect diversity, i.e. different   opinions given by others. The multiethnic atmosphere and the interaction   during the sessions in Macedonia, especially during the sessions in   Strasburg, as well as the accompaniment, left an unforgettable impression,   and at the same time it provided an excellent experience for all the participants.   Lastly I would like to thank the organizing team of the school and the centre   for the professionalism, correctness, and due relation towards all the   participants, especially towards me.

Ardian RAMADANI, MA (Professor of French language and translator at the French Embassy, as   well as proofreader and editor at monthly magazine “The Albanian Voice” in   Prishtina, Kosova).