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The Center for Research and Policy Making is an organization that has a mission to promote good governance and development in Macedonia on the basis of relevant, evidence based policy research, capacity building and trainings, evaluations, analyses and surveys, without regard to and independently of the particular interests of any group of the society, either political, social or economic.

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CRPM Director discusses reforms in Macedonia with Mr. Reinhard Priebe

Today Dr. Marija Risteska met with Reinhard Priebe and discussed political benchmarks for the start of EU accession negotiations of Macedonia.  

CRPM at the Berghof Foundation and the Southeast Europe Association Workshop on Euro-Atlantic Integration...

Today CRPM  Executive Director Marija Risteska  has contributed to the discussions under the dialogue series: imagining new paths for a prosperous Macedonia. Dr. Risteska spoke...

Предавање на Тања Томиќ: Менаџмент на човечки ресурси во политички партии “.

Во четврток на 07 Декември во 18 часот во хотел Порта  гостин предавач на Школо за јавни политики Мајка Тереза беше Тања Томиќ (поранешен...

CRPM organizes Hour of Code @ Seavus!

Traditionally CRPM organizes Hour of code this year in cooperation with Seavus Education & Development Center.     Boys and girls from Skopje high schools code Star...