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The primary and secondary data gathered by the CRPM team are subject to detail examination of our experts. Our team has experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis using descriptive and explanatory methods. The CRPM team for different projects and clients has conducted situation analysis, cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, regulatory impact assessments, costing studies and program/project evaluations. Unlike traditional academia which focuses on building knowledge within a group of peers, CRPM as a policy institute addresses real-life problems, and therefore provides policy recommendations and a framework for their application within the Macedonia society. Hence, all CRPM analysis is policy relevant is presented in different forms: policy memos, policy briefs, and policy studies.

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New Publications on Hidden Economy

Informal, parallel, clandestine, grey, underground, shadow, unregulated, subsistence, coping, non-monetized, alternative – whatever of these names one choses to attach to the phenomenon of hidden economy,...

CRPM Press Release…

With the support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) from...

Workshop at the Hidden Economy Forum

Crpm Macedonia @D4DKosovo @IDMAlbania continue with workshop on tax evasion #HiddenEconomyForumSK Central European Initiative - CEIBalkan Trust for Democracy

Hidden Economy Forum

Center for Research and Policy Making Central European Initiative - CEI #УЈП Sanja Lukarevska Директорката на УЈП Сања Лукаревска истакна на Форумот дека: "Граѓаните постојано пријавуваат неправилности, но...

Воведување на Систем за квалитет во управувањето (СКУ) во граѓанските организации

Стигнавме и во Штип кај ЕХО - Едукативна хуманатирна организација. Во рамки на проектот поддржан од Civica Mobilitas за воведување на Систем за квалитет во управувањето...