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The greatest challenge for a think tank is to reach our main “customers,” i.e. policy makers such as the parliamentarians, policy making government staff and employees in the administration. They are usually working to full capacity and therefore often lack the time and energy to consult us on policies. Sometimes they might also not be aware of the value added that policy analysis and advice can provide. Therefore, we are constantly thinking about formats and instruments to reach out to them. The organization develops a tailor made advocacy plan for each of the policy products. For the purpose of advocacy the organization uses media, as well as social media, but also builds coalitions with external stakeholders and engages them in interactive policy advising.

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Hidden Economy Forum

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Стигнавме и во Штип кај ЕХО - Едукативна хуманатирна организација. Во рамки на проектот поддржан од Civica Mobilitas за воведување на Систем за квалитет во управувањето...