Generation 2014/2015

Jetmir Ziba

Education: MA Law

Member of the Youth Council of the United States Embassy  in Macedonia

Iskra Korovesovska

Education: MA Communicative Sciences

Journalist for Foreign Politics in the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”


Aleksandar Klasninovski

Education: Bachelor of Law MA Product Developing Manager Leoron Group


Jovan Petreski

Education: Political Scientist

General Secretariat of the Government of Republic of Macedonia Department for Strategic planning and monitoring – IPA – Monitoring associate

Blagoj Gelevski

Education: MA Political Management

Co-Founder of Tivius Productions and Economic Analyst at Finance Think


Aleksandra Vukovikj

Education: MA European Law

Secretariat for European Affairs– coordinator of the process of accordance of the national legislative with European acquis communitaire for Human rights and Minority protection.

Dejan Stankov

Education: MA Economic Science in Monetary Economy

Head of Sector in the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion

Emil Surkov

Education: MA Public Policy and Human development

(Expert in Risk and Vulnerability)

Researcher in CRPM

Daniel Stojanovski

Education: MA European Studies  Head of a sector in the National Democratic Institute at the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia


Elena Radeva

Education: Ph D.  Public Administration



Daniel Trencov

Education: MA Human Resources Management  MA International Relations

Security Advisor in NATO and national classified information in the Directorate for Security of Classified Information

Dusko Bojoski

Education: Engineer in International Logistic, Jacobs University Bremen;

Bachelor of Economy and International Management, Jacobs University Bremen Freelance consultant

Milica V. Petrusvska

Education: Ph. D. Macedonian Studies

Lecturer of Macedonian language at the University of Bucharest, Romania

Admir Brava

MA Economy Financial and Banking Management

Professor at HSCS „Cvetan Dimov” – economical subjects


Svetlana Koseva

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA Roman Law and Private Legal Tradition; MA Migration and Intercultural Relations

Project Assistant at Protection of Human Rights of the Marginalized Groups in Republic of Macedonia at the Macedonian  Young Lawyers Association

Borjan Gjuzelov

Education: MA European Studies at the Flensburg University, Germany

Junior Associate in the Civil Society  and Democracy sector in Macedonian Center  for International Cooperation (MCIC)

Viktor Ilievski

Education: Ph. D Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest

Freelance Translator


Mila Carovska

Education: MA Public Health , Faculty of Medicine, Skopje

Project Coordinator in HERA- Health Education and Research Association


Marija Stevanovska

Education: Public Administrator; MA Financial Management, Faculty of Economy, Prilep  Researcher in NGOs “Biosphere” and “CEDI”, Bitola


Nikolce Tasevski

Education: MA Strategic Management, Business Academy Smilevski, Bitola

Manager at Makedonski Telekom

Ana Vasileva

Education: MA English Literature

Translator and Activist


Ilija Nikolovski

Education: MA Media and Intercultural Communication,

European University Viadrina, Frankfurt, Germany

Editor and TV host, TV 24 channel

Elizabeta Bozinoska

Education: Graduated Social worker

Project Manager, HERA-Health Education and Research Association

Ivona Paunovska

Education: Public Administrator

Professional Associate in the sector for tax control in PDIFM-Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Macedonia

Biljana Ginoska

Education: MA Finances and Financial Law

Trainee in CONDOR BS, Skopje


Ofelija Tasevska Krstevski

Education: Economist



Lura Polozani

Education: MA European Studies



Comments by Participants / Коментари од учесници

Participating at School of Public policy Mother Tereza for me was a great challenge. First of all, during the one year period I was up to date with all the latest and most important issues on local, regional and global level. Also, I meet great persons during the activities and last but not least I made a great progress and collect a great experience from all presented information. Now I’am sure that I’am closer to my next aim. All this, thanks to the CRPM team!

Ilija Nikolovski


The School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa” is a cutting-edge school which offers a great opportunity for highly qualified participants to enter into polemics, to argument their views and to debate on important national, regional, European and global issues. It is an ideal place for breaking the personal limits, for developing the socio-cultural knowledge and for making new friendships with people from different backgrounds. In other words, the school is a unique educational and life experience which opens the mind, enriches the spirit and widens the horizons of the participants.

Daniel Trenchov


It has been a wonderful experience to be part of this school as it gave me great expert insight in the current events happening in our country and their influence on the public policy process. Also the discussions regarding the permanent issues that our public policy decision makers are trying to tackle for the last 20 years were pretty beneficial as their resolution is crucial for the future of Macedonia. Last but not least, the chance for networking and debating that was enabled through this school is one of the highlights of my time spent there especially bearing in mind that there are not many places in our country where people that come from different ideological backgrounds can exchange their opinions in civilized manner.

Aleksandar Klashninovski

Participation in The School of Public Policy Mother Teresa is such a great experience and a privilege. Thanks to the national and international experts and their inspirational lectures we have been provided with exchange of ideas, opinions, experiences and it was certainly a place where practitioners, academics, experts as well as young leaders were gathered, all of them recognized in their field of competence. The organizing team of the School of Public Policy Mother Teresa, Center for Research and Policy Making, Council of Europe, all the lecturers and guest speakers of the School through their sessions and seminars inspired us all to think globally and act regionally. 

Еlena Radeva

School of Public Policy Mother Teresa creates one large family. I am honored to be part of the family. Through lectures and debates to receive information on the topics covered in the school and the friendship and cooperation of the students of the school that I fully realize the vision of the school – leadership in the promotion of democratic values.

Ivona Paunovska